"Gardens are filled with dreams and memories
where toil is pleasure and our senses come alive."

Welcome to the Seeds of Distinction and prepare yourself for an adventure into the world of unusual and hard to acquire seed. Our unique collection of seed is not only for the discerning gardener but also for those who wish to try the more novel varieties.

We have sorted through thousands of varieties of flowering seed and selected only the best from top European and American trials and the worlds most unique Botanical Gardens. From the National Collections we are compelled to list a few forgotten beauties. The picks of the season would include double auriculas’ primula and red shades’ Helleborus for the collectors and Crazy Daisy for all gardeners.

All our seeds come with germination instructions to help ensure your success. For the nouveau gardener we recommend becoming familiar with the habits and cultural requirements of the rare varieties and to remember that some perennials do not flower for several years. We thank Larry Hogdson GWAA , Montreal Botanical Gardens AABA and Québec Tourism for providing us with a rare glimpse into the heart and soul of Québec’s passion for flower gardening. A unique journey and gardening experience early this summer. Vivè les Québec Jardins.

Finally, I would like to thank the staff at Seeds of Distinction for their overwhelming support in making this year's catalogue edition a reality.

Yours truly,

Raymond Sawdy, President

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